A timeless setting


“Quite beyond just a ‘décor’, I wanted to create a real haven, a hub, dedicated to a chef and his cuisine.

Our most steadfast allies when creating such a place are the subconscious, intuition, coincidence and the little miracles that can arise from these.

I was drawn to the aesthetic encounter between two cultures and struck by a desire to weave together their stories, that of Steven and his Flemish background, and that of the Jura department, two areas fundamentally influenced by Spanish creative movements.

The fact that Steven comes from the Bruges area was crucial in the choice of materials and colours.

Just as the work was due to be finished, and long after the project had been drawn up, I learnt that this residence had been, during the 15th century, and at the heyday of Flemish art, a monastery run by nuns who had come from Bruges!

For those who know about Beguine convents, and the treasures they hold, it will be evident what kind of treasure can be found in this renovated establishment…”.


Pierre Casenove