Valentine’s Day Menu

Menu served only for dinner on Tuesday 14 February 2023

“Skreï” Cod
Kale and Savagnin

“Melanosporum” Black Truffle
with a Celeriac Delicacy

Crushed Breton Lobster
Chinese Artichoke and Coriander

John Dory with Sea Lettuce Butter
Black Salsify and Ginger Condiment

Jerusalem Artichokes and Smoked Foie Gras
as a Consommé

Piece of Beef aged by Thomas Bessette
Soil-grown Chicory and Beer from “La Ferté”

Ewe’s Cheese from Sophie’s Sheep Farm
Parsnip and Lamb’s Lettuce

Clementines with Vin Jaune
in a Play on Textures

210 euros