A la Carte

Bresse Chiken from the Roussel-Voisard Farm
as first course
tenderloin rubbed with curry butter and roasted on the bone
fricassee of giblets on walnut bread,
carrots in a variety of textures seasoned with a poultry jus
as a second course
thigh stuffed with a morel mousse,
crispy rice with a Vin Jaune sauce and creamy morels
66 euros

Mont D’Or Cheese
in a warm emulsion with Danané pepper
and served crisp
accompanied by Chinese artichokes in virgin oil
and crushed, smoked and sauteed with fir tree bud butter
19 euros

Hothouse Citrus Fruits
whole candied Kalamansi, toasted Bergamot Slices,
Limequat pulp, Zebulon lemon chutney,
citron confit, Hand of Buddha sorbet
and creamy emulsion with lemon leaves
on a black sesame praline accompanied by a sesame oil brioche
27 euros

Chocolates and Pink Peppercorn
a light mousse of Caribbean chocolate, soft Millot chocolate ganache
in crispy shell of roasted buckwheat, shortbread and a cocoa crisp
pink peppercorn ice cream, pulp and honey fruit jelly
seasoned with mountain honey and buckwheat
in crispy crepe garnished with an emulsion and as a biscuit
25 euros